Bruce hiebert copywriting a book

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Bruce hiebert copywriting a book

My first advertising job was at Leo Burnett Advertising. Everyone who works at all the Leo Burnett offices around the world gets an apple pin.

We all wear it. When Leo Burnett created his advertising agency during the Great Depression, he had a bowl of apples in his lobby for employees and visitors.

Naysayers said that opening an advertising agency in the middle of the depression was a bad idea. Today, Leo Burnett is the 10th largest advertising agency in the world and every Leo Burnett office in the world offers apples at reception.

Employees, clients, the FedEx guy, the UPS guy, everyone grabs an apple on their way in or out of the office. Everyone loves free apples. I ate a lot of apples when I worked at Leo Burnett.

And I really loved being a copywriter.

I wore my apple pin with pride. A dozen years, thousands of campaigns, millions of words. More ads, more versions, more emails, more mail. With less budget and less time. Monday through Friday became a flurry of work.

Saturday became a rest day. Sunday became the weekend. So today, I quit my job. The sound of applause heard around the world. In the middle of the depression, Leo Burnett started his dream of becoming a copywriter. In the middle of a recession, I am starting my dream of a life beyond being a copywriter.

In fact, they gave me everything they could. And that, in some warped accounting way, is problematic for the bottom line of corporate America.

Other people can do it. They even like it. So now, after a rest, I will travel the world and write about it. And I will take nothing with me from my former copywriting life except for one thing: My Leo Burnett pin. It will remind me to be grateful for what my copywriting career gave me for this next leg of my journey:Since my first apple at Leo Burnett, I’ve done a lot of copywriting.

A dozen years, thousands of campaigns, millions of words.

bruce hiebert copywriting a book

But somewhere along the line, in all the agencies I’ve worked at, except for Leo Burnett, something has changed. When I turned the last page of THE CRAFT OF COPYWRITING I had a single regret: if only the book had been there when I joined Bensons as a copywriter /5(5).

Written by the creator of The Copywriting Academy and The Sunfish Writing Agency, this book is perfect as an off-the-shelf reference guide. It includes a section of every type of content you might want to write: a sales page, a press release, presentation, email, article and more.

Bruce Clayman? From: Andrea Lebowitz Dean, Faculty of? Chair, Faculty of Arts Advertising Including Copywriting 8. Promotion 9. Sales D.J. Market Structure and the Business of Book Publishing. NY: Pitman, Part 2 Best, T.

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