Nissan hr well being of the work force

You can expect to have a robust international experience during the 2 years and to develop a broader view of our business. In addition, you will receive mentoring support, career advice, visibility to management and the opportunity for accelerated growth within the company.

Nissan hr well being of the work force

The Superior Award is granted to suppliers for their consistently high standard of performance during the calendar year. It is however the 5th consecutive year in which Maxe has received recognition from Toyota South Africa in the form of supplier awards the awards being a mix of Superior or Achievement Awards.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the entire Maxe Team for their efforts in making this possible. It is a really great achievement and remarkable track record of which we should all be very proud. All components are made from either stainless steel or anodised aluminium making them particularly resistant to corrosion Maxe Tonneau Covers have the highest water and dust resistance in the industry and will not dam water due to their unique torsion settings and premium quality material which is the highest available in the industry.

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Maxe Tonneau Covers have a revolutionary torsion latch mechanism making them extremely easy to open and close. The award is given in recognition of outstanding service levels, innovative product design, and exceptional quality. CLOSE Complimenting this range are LED lights, truck accessories, such as stone guards, anti-syphon units, and seat covers, with additional high quality automotive products planned for the near future.

This quality material is combined with a range of mild steel products that are in most instances, first E-Coated and then powder coated for maximum protection against the harsh South African conditions.

Maxe customers can be rest assured that they will receive the ultimate top quality end product. Maxe has factories in both Durban and Johannesburg and these factories contain some of the most technologically advanced machinery in the industry.

Maxe are continually aware of what is happening in the automotive industry accessory industry around the world and as technology advances, and the industry evolves, Maxe continues to evolve with it. Maxe achieved ISO accreditation in which it has maintained ever since.

Is your car really as safe as you think it is? The importance of Airbag Compatibility Testing compliance of nudge bars and testing of all side bars cannot be over-emphasized. In addition to this is the risk of compromising the warranty offered on the vehicle through fitting non-approved parts.

Without going into any boring detail some of the tests undertaken by Maxe include: Impact analysis report — simulating a frontal collision. Physical pendulum Test Report — again simulating a frontal impact collision.

The Maxe design, quality, research and development effort that goes into the manufacture of every Maxe product ensures that the safety of the driver and his family is in no way compromised.

Nissan hr well being of the work force

Stock of the faster moving lines is held at all times to ensure that delivery times are kept to absolute minimum from the time the order is received. Maxe has an experienced, professional and dedicated Customer Liaison Officers based in Durban to assist with all customer orders and queries, in addition to Sales Representatives and Technical personnel based in every major centre across the country.

Please contact our Sales Support Team on who will put you in touch with a Sales Executive or Agent in your area. If you would like to open a trading account with us please contact our Sales Support Team.

Maxe are now in a position to offer you the option of ordering bars directly from themselves, inclusive of fitment which is included in the price of the bars. Bars that are currently available can be viewed on the website under Truck Bars.

New bars, to expand the range, are being developed all the time. We are sure, just as this family will prosper in the future, so will the hearts of the Maxe team, as we continuously shift the lives of our nations people for a future filled with opportunities.

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Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd, or NMUK, is a car manufacturing plant in Sunderland. It is owned and operated by the European division of Japanese car manufacturer Nissan. Keeping one of the world's automotive leaders stocked and ready to roll new cars off the production line is no small challenge.

Purchasing careers at Nissan offer a unique chance to work in a global team — Renault-Nissan Purchasing Organization (RNPO), the Alliance's largest common organization. Get up-to-the-minute environmentally-friendly (or egregiously unfriendly) car news, reviews, high-quality photos and commentary about living green.

Employee Wellbeing Policies to Support High-Performing Workforce Management People Development Productivity RETAIN March 1, become more productive and supportive as well.

However, a growing concern among employers in this fast-paced digital era, is that a lot of people do not understand the importance of employee . The # 1 rule is: "If you remove it, or unplug it, you must record it".

Simply put, this means when you disconnect any electrical plug, we label both male and female connectors, with any unique numbering code, then record the disconnection in the note book, to preserve the order in which things are taken out.

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