T bucket project for sale

Okay, I could go on and on with jokes about chicken nipples but I will stop there.

T bucket project for sale

Bucket Tote The Bucket Tote structure is probably my favorite bag category to make! My reasons are very silly and personal: I like circular bases, I like piping that I can attach to circular bases, I like circles and roundness in general, and bucket-style bags are squat and stable and fun to customize in weird shapes.

Bucket totes do not have to be circular in cross-section; they can be rectangular or square or any other shape, really.

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Here is the schematic diagram translated to fabric: There are many instructional tutorials on the internet on how to sew a straight edge of the body to a circular edge of the baseso you can google them to find one you like.

Usually, this involves pins and gathers and upside-down sewing i. So here is what the circular bucket looks like when its base has been sewn on with piping. Without handle or straps, the lining would just be a simple second bucket inserted into the first and edge-stitched to it around their openings.

But that would be boring. The lining is assembled, leaving a hole in a seam for turning the entire bag RS later. We cannot edgestitch the lining to the outer bag like we would if it were strapless. The two bags are nested one in the other, RS together, and stitched together along the edges of their straps.

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The entire bag is then turned RS out through the hole in the lining. The ends of the straps are left disconnected, as shown. In addition, the stitching stops a few inches from the actual ends of the straps blue arrowsto allow for some fabric contortion later.

The ends of the straps are then connected, layer by layer. First, the lining, then the outer bag or vice versa.

T bucket project for sale

The straps are then edge-stitched around their entire perimeter, closing those side openings in the process. This bag is completely reversible, except that our lining layer has no base piping.

Such a pretty pinwheel look to the opening! Here are other Bucket Tote variations: Simple fabric buckets with stitched art and reverse applique.Sale Results We send out the sale results notifications in the form of a newsletter within 14 days of the sale taking place.

Please follow the link below to register for this service. Apr 12,  · ABOUT once a month I run across a person who radiates an inner light.

T bucket project for sale

These people can be in any walk of life. They seem deeply good. They listen well. Having lots of chickens can make for some serious chores. Cleaning out bins, changing the food and water can be a frequent workout. When my pal Trish showed me how to set up a chicken nipple waterer system for watering her chickens I just knew I needed to make it too.

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